Invisible Until, a theatrical performance-making company, which devises work around subjects such as Gender, Chronic Illness and Mental Health to make them more accessible to our audiences. We use a mix of video projection, music, composition and audience engagement throughout our work, allowing our audience to be fully immersed within the worlds that we create/explore.

Our debut show Crohn’s Is Shit shows the untold events within the larger secret world of someone living with an Invisible Illness. Join Ally as she invites you into the true story of her day to day experience of Crohn's Disease. Journey with her into the past, see the effect of people she has meet and see what the fight was really for.

‘It was really well balanced, with the right amount of humour and deepness. It spoked of heavy stuff in a light but not superfluous way. It showed us what was this disease is to them, but not in a kind of just a "didactic" way, (that would have ruined it). And it really touched us, the audience. The way they opened themselves, the ways they shared themselves with the audience, was an act of true communication, as I think theatre should be. And I still think some times in the theory of the spoons...’

Marta Carvalho. Audiance member.



Project Possibility was founded in 2014 on the notion that anything was possible. We thrive to create, to imagine and to play with no boundaries within theatre.
Keeping our minds open to every possibility.

Our debut show Method Man, set in the 1940s, follows Jim Evans, a lover of art and everything beautiful is making his directorial comeback. This is it! This is his one last shot at making it right. But when life begins intimating art, will he use it? Or will he be blinded by the art, and push his star to the edge?

'Method Man explores themes such as art, beauty, truth, love and ambition…establishing early on that barriers are being broken. Part thriller, part mystery, part concept, it has many influences coming from every angle…using the theme of how reality and fantasy can blend together in a curious and interesting way.  A promising piece from a new company and writer, and it will be interesting to see what they’ll try next.’
Alan Foran, The Red Curtain Review on Method Man.



Invisible (Until) Possible was created in 2017 when the two companies saw the many similarities between our work styles, ethics and creative passion and decided to join together to make some kick-ass theatre.

We want to tell stories that people can connect too. These stories our not our end but our beginning.




Ally Brett is a British actor, who is based in London. They worked with the Youth Acting Theatre (Y.A.T) for seven years, staring in twenty two main house productions before going to study drama/theatre academically. They achieved a BA in Drama at Northampton University before completing a MA in Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Through their MA they founded Invisible Until a solo company to make the invisible – visible. Crohn’s is Shit had a short run at the Rag Factory in 2015 and then a longer run at the Bread and Roses in 2016 as was well-received by the audiences. This show and others are in development.

Ally’s credits include Julie in Flush, Norrie May-Welby in Genderless a part of the Brazil Diversity Collective, Charleen/Helen Bakke in At the Heart of Everything, Myself in Crohn’s is Shit, Head in Two Heads on a First Date, and Myself in Revisiting Genesis (Youtube Webs series). They have also appeared as an extra in Bbc’s Silent Witness and in the 2012 film Les Misérables.

Ally is a highly creative person, with skills in everything theatrical including performing, writing, directing, technical design and operation, and producing (when forced). Invisible Until Possible has been working contently in the background for the last couple of years and now they wish to bring it out of the shadows and make it visible for all to see.

Isobel Pilkington is an Irish actor, who is based in London and Dublin. She trained for four years in Bull Alley Training Theatre  Company, Dublin and then continued her training at East 15 Acting School.

Isobel has co-founded two theatre companies: Fabletop Theatre and Project Possibility.

Fabletop  theatre was set up with fellow East 15ers,  to explore fables/myths/folklore with the addition of physical theatre, live music and puppetry. Their debut show, 'The Girl and the Box'  has performed in several London venues, to amazing reviews.

Project Possibility  was first set up in 2014 in Dublin and was founded on the notion that anything can be possible. Their debut show, 'Method Man'was performed early February  2014 and was well-received by the audience.

Her credits include Saffy in Comedy Dining's Absolutely Fabulous, Teresa in  The Unburied: Saint of Darkness,  Emilie Taylor Lee in  Method Man, Rigel/Pixie/Hydra/Ensemble in The Girl and the Box, Agatha in The Admirable Crichton, Woman in 13 Women,  and Friend/Lily in Tonight Around Half Eight.

Isobel is a passionate creator, writer and deviser. She cannot wait to pour all her energy to create shows with Invisible Until Possible. She hopes their work can rise awareness for Mental Health, Transgender and Non-Binary issues.






“Philip K. Dick once said, ‘Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.’ These are words Lexi and Beth take to heart to deal with all their inner turmoil. They need their comedic insanity to deal with their tragedy. In their safely swept space they can unleash their ridiculousness in the hunt to create performance so their trauma is used for positivity instead of creativity.”


Theatre of Life's Riddikulusness explores mental health, gender equality, and identity.

The show presents two people trying in vain to create a theatrical piece. For them this space is a safe place where they can be free to let their creative run wild. They use their past experience to bring truth and life to their work and bare there souls to each other and the audience that watches.

Though we will be playing the character’s of Lexi and Beth, the show is based on events and experience from Ally and Isobel lives. It is important to us that we have first had knowledge of our subject matter so we can depict reality in our work but also be there after to answer questions or point people in the direction of help.



  • One-line summary of the proposed project:


Two people enter a space to try and create a performance but end up finding more about each other.



  • Expected running time:


50 – 60 minutes


  • Staging:


The staging of this show is simple. All we need is a clear space, and controls of the lighting and music systems. Not only will we act, tell a fabulous story, and make the audience howl with laughter, we will also do our own lighting and music cues. (We’re so multi-talented!)




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