Untold events within the larger secret world of someone living with an Invisible Illness. Join Ally as she invites you into the true story of her day to day experience of Crohn's Disease. Journey with her into the past, see the effect of people they has met, and see what the fight was really for.

About the work:


This solo work is an autobiographical telling of my personal experience with the invisible illness that is Crohn's Disease. Through a mix of audience interaction, storytelling, physical theatre, and live music, the audience can experience the highs and lows of someone having this illness. A mainly comedic show with moments of seriousness, gives the audience knowledge about the illness, while still giving them a good time.

Behind the work:


The reason for the creation of this show is to bring awareness to a disease that, according to the Crohn's and Colitis Charity's Website, "...affects 300,000 people in the UK and millions more worldwide."

I am lucky that I have been in a state of remission for a while now to be able to practice theatre with only the occasional mild flare. There are so many people in the world that have this disease, that cannot even get out of bed let alone do anything as physically exhausting as a performance. I created this performance to give this invisible subject and all those suffering from this disease a voice. This performance is dedicated to them. 


Crohn's is Shit at The Bread and Roses

The opportunity to have a five day run at the Bread and Roses theatre from the 8th to the 12th of March, was a great experience for development for Crohn’s is Shit. Having a longer run was, to be honest, exhausting but so worthwhile. Being able to change things in the show from night to night, gave the show new life.


Also a greater portion of the show was given to direct audience interaction and engagement. This was not only part of the show itself but also afterwards. Many members of the audience, had themselves Crohn’s/ Colitis themselves.


Speaking with them, hearing their stories and feeling their pain as motivated me to widen my gaze and pursue the development and expansion of a greater show with more stories from more people.  

Crohn's is Shit at The Rag Factory

The début performance of 'Crohn's is Shit' was presented at The Rag Factory on the 15th of August at 7:00 pm and on Sunday 16th of August at 12 Noon. The performance was part of a double bill with another company, Theatre Rhizome whom we worked very closely with.


The performance was well-received by the large audience we had in attendance for both days.


It was really well balanced, with the right amount of humour and deepness. It spoked of heavy stuff in a light but not superfluous way. It showed us what was this disease is to her, but not in a kind of just a "didactic" way, (that would have ruined it). And it really touched us, the audience. The way she opened herself, the ways she shared herself with the audience, was an act of true communication, as I think theatre should be.

Audience member.

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