We all have experiences that have shaped us, events that have scarred us, and moments that have defined us. These fragments of our past may become lost, forgotten, or ignored by others and ourselves, thus rendering them invisible. We at Invisible Until use our pasts as creative fuel, to kick start and sustain our creation of new work. We give a voice and a space, so these stories can be heard so the invisible becomes visible.

Invisible Until, a theatrical performance-making company, which devises work around subjects such as Gender, Chronic Illness, and Mental Health to make them more accessible to our audiences. We use a mix of video projection, music, composition, and audience engagement throughout our work, allowing our audience to be fully immersed within the worlds that we create/explore.

Our objectives as a company, in making work include:


  • Exploring difficult subject matter within our shows, that are personally connected with our performers.

  • Finding new ways of incorporating audience engagement/interaction into our performances.

  • Create work that is not only engaging and entertaining but is also factual and emotionally impactful.

  • Create work that, through its impactful nature, evokes further reflection and discussion for the audience.


The company starts off with a topic which it is personally connected to. Then research is done into relevant information and creative partners, in order to create the show.

When this research has been completed, the company goes into the rehearsal stage. At this stage, the company will create the narrative of the show through improvisation and script work, in and around certain sections of the research. This is to allow for a partnership between the narrative and improvisation structures, working hand in hand to allow for creative experimentation, within the framework of constructing a narrative.


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